Mobile PDX

We specialize in Mobile Mechanic Repairs & Service.

With over 30 years as an auto repair specialist, Courtney will serve you with excellence, knowledge and expedient style.

I found Courtney and Lou as I was searching for someone to fix my Acura TL that wouldn’t start.  I couldn’t get it to a regular shop, and didn’t want to pay for a tow. I had a certain budget for today, and we were down to one car so had to do something.  We also have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was overheating at idle and needed brakes.  I figured that one would have to wait.  The guys showed up this morning and checked out both vehicles.  They were able to fix both for little more than I had originally budgeted for only one.

I loved watching this father and son team interact.  They are both very knowledgeable about cars and they show each other and the customer a lot of respect.  They didn’t hesitate to explain everything that they were doing.  They were here a long time, since they ended up working on both cars.  They joined us for Subway sandwiches and enjoyable conversation in the middle of the job!

I would not hesitate to call them for future work and I highly recommend them.

Kimberly L.
Happy Valley, OR

About Courtney

As a veteran in the field of auto repair, Courtney has spent years doing what he loves – car repair.
He knows the ins and outs of almost any car you can bring.  He loves what he does.  He is happy to be of service to you and now – he is Mobile!
Bringing over 30 years of knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm of a man who is doing his passion in life – there is not a better person to trust with your car.

Courtney is the absolute easiest mechanic you will ever find to work with – he is a people person.
What you don’t understand about what your car needs?  Courtney will take the TIME and the energy to gently explain what specifically needs repairing in terms a layman can understand.
What’s his number one Value in Life?  Being Trustworthy.
That’s a car repair guy you want to hire.

Julie Knell,

Today the fabulous Courtney came to our rescue! He arrived to fix our brakes – at our HOUSE! Gotta Luv me some Mobile Mechanics! Thanks Guys for being our Car Heros!!! Ladies – if you feel like you need a Mechanic who knows his stuff and is trustworthy – you want to keep Courtney’s number in your phone. He’s da best! (and always makes me laugh) He get extra points for that!

A'Jan A Fox ,

dynamic duo. Not only are they knowledgeable but they honestly enjoy their work so you know it will always get done properly. Had my ride running in no time, completed the work on site while maintaining tidiness, and all at an honest rate. I won’t hesitate to call em again or suggest to my friends.


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